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RageTools buffs your game with superior, always crisp GUI elements and 2D Vector art. RageTools is a collection of components for Unity, which run on top of RageSpline. It Includes:
  • Rage SVG-In, vector art importer compatible with Adobe Illustrator(tm) and Inkscape files
  • Rage Group, which allows the easy tweaking of multiple RageSplines at once
  • Rage EdgeTune, an adaptive anti-aliasing and level-of-detail (LOD) tool that intelligently and seamlessly changes your shapes in real-time for the best possible quality and performance.
  • Rage Pivotools, to easily place the pivot, center and offset vector shapes
  • Rage CanvasAlign, to align your GUI elements to a certain screen corner or edge, resolution-independent
  • Rage Constraint, add external controllers to your RageSpline groups, for high-performance animation editing

* RageTools is 100% compatible with Unity 5 Personal

ATTENTION: RageMagnet and RageText, shown in the video, also require a separate product, RageTools Pro. Read More