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RageSuite is the ultimate vector graphics component set for Unity. Including RageSpline, RageTools and RageTools Pro*, RageSuite it's the one-stop solution to get all our components from a single, convenient installation package, plus many exclusive benefits:
  • Included components: RageSpline, Rage Svg-In, RageGroup, Rage Edgetune, Rage Pivotools, Rage CanvasAlign, Rage Constraint, Rage Sprite, RageText, RageMagnet, RageIK, RageButton. Read each product's page (linked above) for more info on each.
  • Immediate Updates: RageSuite is provided directly from our servers, meaning you'll always get the latest version as soon as it's available - instead of waiting for the Unity Asset Store to actually make the file available
  • Combo discount: By purchasing RageSuite you'll get a higher than 25% discount on the cost of purchasing all packages separately!
  • VIP FTP Access: As a RageSuite owner you'll get exclusive access to our Private FTP server, with first-hand access to betas and under-development features.
  • Free 1.x Updates: All updates in the RageSuite 1.x cycle are completely free of charge for all RageSuite owners

* RageSuite is 100% compatible with Unity 5 Personal